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  2. (Model Cheyanne Gregorich) Posing to capture the memories for my 5 Year Wedding Anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day Bash in this Hepcat Dress in Clover sold by ModCloth.

    (Taken by Ashley N.) May 2012


  3. After a hard days work this housewife (Cheyanne Gregorich) relaxes in her Hepcat Dress in Clover by ModCloth.


  4. Vintage Background Set, Make-up and Model (myself) Cheyanne Gregorich

    Ashley N. edited and took photos

    (Photos from this shoot were taken with my Canon DSLR EOS T3i Camera )

    I have been a licensed cosmetologist for the past 6 years and have been working in the hair field for the past 11 years. Especially loving the vintage era of the art and care of hair! My LOVE of the vintage era was inherited, by my Grandmother Shirley Ann, who specialized in Antiques for over 50 years of her life.

    My Grandmother is and always will be an inspiration to me.





  6. ModCloth Made Me Do It!

    1. ) Setting up my Tumblr. account in anticipation for DAY 4 of Name It and Win it Contest with ModCloth!

  7. Name It and Win It Dress Contest! LOVE IT!!!


  8. HAPPY 4th Of JULY 2012!!!

    From Cheyanne Gregorich

    For a Quick Vintage Look For Less Shop At Ross’

    Hair and Make-up by/Cheyanne (Hair Set with PIN CURLS, Large bobby pins to hold curl, and let dry with natural way… over night, just like they did 100 years ago! :)

    Photo and editing by Ashley N.


  9. My Husband (Michael Gregorich) and I (Cheyanne Gregorich) and my husband at our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary and St Patrick’s DayBash March 17th 2012.

    (Photo taken by Ashley N.)


  10. HOLLYWOOD is the only place that will pay you a thousand dollars for a KISS, and fifty cents for your SOUL ~Marilyn Monroe

    (Source: polyvore.com)

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